Finally understand your relationships and get the love you desire

One Day Intensive Workshop with Faisal & Anna

Saturday 9th March 2019

9am, The Wesley Euston Hotel & Conference Venue, London



Can you imagine your life without relationships? Especially those beautiful intimate ones… No! We couldn’t live in a world without them! They nourish our hearts and souls! They make us feel alive! And yet, most of us live with mediocre relationships. Relationships without real depth, understanding and without true connection. You want more.

You want more intimacy, connection, trust, understanding, partnership and love. You want a deeply enriched relationship and you’re completely fed up with what you’ve been putting up with. No more!

This phenomenal One Day Seminar is designed specifically for you to uncover exactly what’s been holding you back from creating and building that life-affirming relationship you know is available for you. If only you knew how! Here is how you find out!

Join us on Saturday 9th March 2019 in London where you’ll learn exactly where you’ve been going wrong, what’s holding you back and how to transform yourself into the person who always has the relationships where people ask “how are you so happy?!”

Is your relationship nourishing or depleting your energy?

Does it start well and then go horribly wrong?

Are you attracting the right person?

Are you even visible to the right person?

Are in a relationship and feel lonely, but don’t know how to reconnect?

Are in a loving relationship, but want to deepen your connection and intimacy so you don’t lose the magic?

Are you fed up of being fed so many lies about how men and women work that you’ve become clouded with this negative view of relationships and dating politics?

Are you ready to find out exactly how to live in a world of healthy, exciting, passionate, honest, deep, intimate, fun, connected, trusting, authentic and loving relationships?

Join Faisal Khokhar, an International Life Coach and Anna Garcia, a Woman's Relationship Expert, in an interactive chat style full One Day Seminar on relationships, dating, sex, intimacy, psychology, spirituality, energy and so much more in a fun, open and beautifully safe environment.

Hear them share their personal experiences and learnings after having spoken to thousands of people on the challenges men and women face when it comes to relationships, self insight, purpose and connection.

Faisal will bring the healthy male perspective, while Anna will bring the enlightened women’s insight to create a day where the vulnerabilities you feel will take you to the next level of discovery so you can build more meaningful and deeper relationships. Are you already in a relationship? Uncover the patterns you’re playing out that are stifling your growth and gain the tools to overcome them, elevating your relationships to soaring new heights!

This is about playing ALL OUT. Bring your A-game. If you want a full, 100% in, playing all out kind of relationship, this is where it begins. This is where you get to start to practice it. Faisal and Anna will give you everything they have - their depth of knowledge, their specific insights into your personal situation and they bring their hearts. If you give your all back and play full out, this day will transform not only your relationships, but your life.

Who is this for?

Whether you are married, single, complicated, confused or all the above, this is for you. Relationships are flowing and dynamic - there is always more to learn and places inside you and your relationship to grow.

If you’re ready to have more than you have right now, this is for you.

If you’re bored, frustrated or downright depressed of being single, this is for you.

If you feel stuck in your relationship and don’t know what to do, this is for you.

If you want to understand yourself and your partner more, this is for you.

If you’re in an incredible relationship and want to go deeper and continue growing together and challenging just how incredible it can be, this is for you.

If you are a person who really values your relationships, this is for you. .

All the juicy stuff you’ll get!

You’ll walk away with so many new tools and insights that will immediately get you closer to your relationship vision. This isn’t just a talk - this is interactive! You will practice what you learn so that you can go and play with your new tools as you walk out the door - and boy will you want to!

You will have special opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of these two highly experienced life coaches, as well as interacting with them directly through question and answer sessions. This day is tailored specifically for those in the room - what you bring is what we delve deeply into. This is how we KNOW you will love it. This is how we KNOW you will be blown away. This is made for you.

Throughout the day you will also hear and learn from other members of the audience about the lessons, mistakes, successes and challenges we can all relate to. You are a teacher and a student - there are insights you have that will change someone's life, and someone else there will have insights that will change yours.

You’ll be open. Ready to receive. And holy moly will you be given everything you need to TRANSFORM your relationships!

And so much more...
  • The chance to ask your burning questions about relationships, dating, sex, intimacy, presence, communications
  • Understand the basics of masculine and feminine energies and how they enrich your understanding of how people relate to each other
  • Explore unhealthy relationships patterns and behaviours and how to manage, change and stop them
  • Delve into deep rooted triggers and wounds that show up in relationships and learn to catch them before they hurt you again
  • Discover the impact of your unconscious values and beliefs and start transforming them into values and beliefs that support your best relationships and life!
  • Learn how to identify and communicate your needs with vulnerability, strength and compassion to build ‘easier’ relationships where nothing is out of bounds to talk about and each person feels heard and seen
  • Ignite your relationship after the honeymoon period and learn about how to flow and grow in it, never letting it die and always feeling the excitement of where it’s going
  • Identify relationship red flags and how to avoid them so that you only spend time building the relationship you desire, not recovering from ones you could have avoided

Your VIP Package

The VIP Session is for those who want to take their learning even deeper by spending more time with Faisal & Anna. This is your opportunity to get REAL CLARITY before you leave for the day.

This is a rare opportunity to get live coaching from Faisal and Anna! This is the most time and cost effective way to get to the core of your relationship issues - whilst they’re all bubbling away inside and you’re feeling empowered and able to ask the questions you didn’t even know were there!

You will receive:
  • 2 hours EXTRA time with Faisal & Anna to more deeply answer the questions that have some up from the day
  • LIVE coaching and individual support within the group
  • Deeper immersion into your SPECIFIC relationship issues, where you will leave with even greater clarity
  • Practical and cognitive exercises

Faisal Khokhar

SPEAKER: Faisal Khokhar

Faisal is on a journey to inspire and passionately create transformation in the world, leading with an open heart and touching souls on the deepest level. He is the father of two young men, international speaker and a qualified life coach. He works with men and women to support them in aligning their life choices with the desires and values that matter most to them. He empowers men to live a truly authentic life from the heart to create a life full of freedom, love and connection.

He is involved in men’s workshops and masterminds to help himself and other men understand and integrate healthy masculinity. He also teaches his learnings on Masculine & Feminine principles to help men and women create deeper connections.

Anna Garcia

SPEAKER: Anna Garcia

A playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator/ relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love & peace post painful relationships & events.

Anna is the founder of the Relationships Intensive programme. She has dedicated the past 10 years working with women to discover how extraordinary they are, to have them know their power and to understand how to be in their relationships with others and most importantly, with themselves after loss or relationship breakup. She has been showing women how to reconnect with their own journey again, whether they are in a marriage, single or separated, she has been gifting this to women throughout the world.