Finally understand your relationships and get the love you desire

18th-21st October 2019, Turkey Retreat

Immerse yourself in this rare, exclusive and intimate retreat with two highly experienced relationship experts. Enjoy a luxurious four day mediterranean retreat in the beautiful, natural and inspiring setting of the Turkish coast.

There you will learn and practice new invaluable tools and insights that will immediately support your relationship vision. We all need a place to recharge and balance to reach a deeper clarity and improve productivity when we return to our daily lives. This is that place: a stylish 5* all inclusive resort, with mouth watering food, a spa to pamper yourself or just relax by the pool… you’ll deserve it!

Faisal brings the modern male perspective, while Anna brings the enlightened women’s insight. Together, they create your journey, where your vulnerabilities take you to the next level of discovery so you can build more meaningful and deeper relationships.

Already in a relationship? Uncover the patterns you’re playing out that are stifling your growth, gain the tools to overcome them and elevate your relationships to soaring new heights!

It’s time to end the needless suffering and painful sabotaging patterns. It’s time to create true intimacy, connection, trust, understanding, partnership and love.



Don’t miss this rare and exclusive opportunity. Immerse yourself in the world of these two highly experienced life coaches, as well as interacting with them directly throughout four spectacular days. Learn and practice incredible new tools and insights that will immediately get you closer to your relationship vision and excel in life.

It’s time to end the needless suffering and painful sabotaging patterns. And replace them with true intimacy, connection, trust, understanding, partnership and love.


Can you imagine your life without relationships? Especially those beautiful intimate ones… No! We couldn’t live in a world without them! They nourish our hearts and souls! They make us feel alive! And yet, most of us live with mediocre relationships. Relationships without real depth, understanding and without true connection. You want more.




Stop attracting emotionally unavailable, time wasting and toxic partners and start dating people who are trustworthy, exciting and can emotionally stimulate you aka not boring.

Find yourself on dates with people who value you, your time and have respect for exactly who you are.


Every relationship has its ups and downs. The secret of successful couples is that they have learned how to manage the bumps and keep their love not just going, but growing too.

You will learn and practise new problem-solving strategies and receive live coaching to give you key practical guidance on what is working well and what needs improving.



Whether you come with your partner or as a singleton, who you are as an individual is who shows up in every relationship and situation.

If you’ve have had enough of not feeling enough… of staying quiet and playing small. And you’ve had enough of not being able to speak in the moment to allow resentment build up.... this is for you!

We’ll be boosting your confidence from the root, so you show up as the high value person you know you can be.


Not only will you’ll be immersed in a life changing retreat where you’ll receive insights and transformation in a safe place by highly trained experts, but you’ll be laughing and smiling a lot as well!

We love to have fun! Magical moments guaranteed! Take walks on the beach, meditate under the stars or capture the beauty of the sunrise. And more!

And of course, no retreat is complete without a surprise activity or two!


  • Ash Yogi
    Thank you all for your presence and service. Another level of the healing spiral faced
    Ash Yogi
    Sports Therapist Yoga Teacher & Coach
  • Amazing workshop on Saturday, thanks Faisal Khokhar and Anna Garcia for being such an inspiration ❤️
    Sandra López
    Health & Wellness Coach
  • Parmjit Dhaliwal
    I’m so grateful of you Faisal Khokhar and Anna Garcia for your support and honest feedback throughout my continued growth... Your event has left such a significant mark on my journey... lots and lots of learning points to practice and can not wait!!!
    Parmjit Dhaliwal
  • Dr. Priyanka Sara
    Your event turned out to be very therapeutic for me! I feel a massive shift in my thinking and feeling, mainly from the exercise of seeing the masculine and feminine for who they are and from acknowledging the gifts we bring to each other. My inner child feels safe and well looked after now and is so happy with me and the world  and Thank God that I am happy with my inner child too 😀.
    Thank you Anna and Faisal for organising and holding such a therapeutic space for my soul ( nothing short of a temple for me ) and everyone who brought the energy of joy, hugs, sharing, love and connection to me
    Dr. Priyanka Sara
    Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UCLH


You want more intimacy, connection, trust, understanding, partnership and love. You want a deeply enriched relationship and you’re completely fed up with what you’ve been putting up with. No more!

This phenomenal One Day Seminar is designed specifically for you to uncover exactly what’s been holding you back from creating and building that life-affirming relationship you know is available for you. If only you knew how! Here is how you find out!

Join us on our RETREAT where you’ll learn exactly where you’ve been going wrong, what’s holding you back and how to transform yourself into the person who always has the relationships where people ask “how are you so happy?!”

Is your relationship nourishing or depleting your energy?

Does it start well and then go horribly wrong?

Are you attracting the right person?

Are you even visible to the right person?

Are in a relationship and feel lonely, but don’t know how to reconnect?

Are in a loving relationship, but want to deepen your connection and intimacy so you don’t lose the magic?

Are you fed up of being fed so many lies about how men and women work that you’ve become clouded with this negative view of relationships and dating politics?

Are you ready to find out exactly how to live in a world of healthy, exciting, passionate, honest, deep, intimate, fun, connected, trusting, authentic and loving relationships?

Join Faisal Khokhar, an International Life Coach and Anna Garcia, a Woman's Relationship Expert, immersing yourself over four days on relationships, dating, sex, intimacy, psychology, spirituality, energy and so much more in a fun, open and beautifully safe environment.

Hear them share their personal experiences and learnings after having spoken to thousands of people on the challenges men and women face when it comes to relationships, self insight, purpose and connection.

Faisal will bring the healthy male perspective, while Anna will bring the enlightened women’s insight to create a day where the vulnerabilities you feel will take you to the next level of discovery so you can build more meaningful and deeper relationships. Are you already in a relationship? Uncover the patterns you’re playing out that are stifling your growth and gain the tools to overcome them, elevating your relationships to soaring new heights!

This is about playing ALL OUT. Bring your A-game. If you want a full, 100% in, playing all out kind of relationship, this is where it begins. This is where you get to start to practice it. Faisal and Anna will give you everything they have - their depth of knowledge, their specific insights into your personal situation and they bring their hearts. If you give your all back and play full out, this day will transform not only your relationships, but your life.




Whether you are married, single, complicated, confused or all the above, this is for you. Relationships are flowing and dynamic - there is always more to learn and places inside you and your relationship to grow.

  • If you’re ready to have more than you have right now, this is for you.
  • If you’re bored, frustrated or downright depressed of being single, this is for you.
  • If you feel stuck in your relationship and don’t know what to do, this is for you.
  • If you want to understand yourself and your partner more, this is for you.
  • If you’re in an incredible relationship and want to go deeper and continue growing together and challenging just how incredible it can be, this is for you.
  • If you are a person who really values your relationships, this is for you.
  • You are ready to increase you confidence and self-worth.

All the juicy stuff you’ll get!

You’ll walk away with so many new tools and insights that will immediately get you closer to your relationship vision. This isn’t just a talk - this is interactive! You will practice what you learn so that you can go and play with your new tools as you walk out the door - and boy will you want to!

You will have special opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of these two highly experienced life coaches, as well as interacting with them directly through question and answer sessions. This day is tailored specifically for those in the room - what you bring is what we delve deeply into. This is how we KNOW you will love it. This is how we KNOW you will be blown away. This is made for you.

Throughout the day you will also hear and learn from other members of the audience about the lessons, mistakes, successes and challenges we can all relate to. You are a teacher and a student - there are insights you have that will change someone's life, and someone else there will have insights that will change yours.

You’ll be open. Ready to receive. And holy moly will you be given everything you need to TRANSFORM your relationships!

And so much more...
  • The chance to ask your burning questions about relationships, dating, sex, intimacy, presence, communications
  • Understand the basics of masculine and feminine energies and how they enrich your understanding of how people relate to each other
  • Explore unhealthy relationships patterns and behaviours and how to manage, change and stop them
  • Delve into deep rooted triggers and wounds that show up in relationships and learn to catch them before they hurt you again
  • Discover the impact of your unconscious values and beliefs and start transforming them into values and beliefs that support your best relationships and life!
  • Learn how to identify and communicate your needs with vulnerability, strength and compassion to build ‘easier’ relationships where nothing is out of bounds to talk about and each person feels heard and seen
  • Ignite your relationship after the honeymoon period and learn about how to flow and grow in it, never letting it die and always feeling the excitement of where it’s going
  • Identify relationship red flags and how to avoid them so that you only spend time building the relationship you desire, not recovering from ones you could have avoided



Faisal Khokhar

SPEAKER: Faisal Khokhar
Faisal Khokhar is a successful Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker who has spoken for international audiences including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. He specialises in elevating self confidence to achieve extreme success and thrive fully in life.

Anna Garcia

SPEAKER: Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia is a playful, vivacious and inspirational facilitator and relationship specialist committed to guiding individuals through their journey of self-discovery back to love and peace post painful relationships and events.


1How many days is the retreat?
4 days. 18th-21st October 201
2What are the timings?
Schedule and timings will be nearer the times.
3How do I book the retreat?
You can make the full payment or leave a £500 deposit using EVENTBRITE at the end of this page.

If you wish to save the website fees, please contact us below and we'll send you details on how you can transfer the money?

Once you have done this, we will send you a confirmation. This only secures your retreat space, not accommodation or flights.
4What about flights and accommodation?
Most important is to also secure your room with a very small deposit at e.g. (please ensure you book all inclusive). Rooms are going fast so it is important you do this quickly.

Sirene Belek Hotel
Belek, Antalya, Turkey

Flights directly from:

Nearest Airport: Antalya International Airport

5What is included in the retreat?
When you book the hotel, please ensure you book all inclusive. This will include all your meals and drinks on the resort provided by the hotel.

Any excursions or activities like spa, watersports are not included.